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16 October 2010 @ 07:20 pm
How to Tag your entry  
This is the guide to tag your entry here at twilightmanips. Please read it to add the proper tags to your entries.

There are 5 main categories of tags: character, pairing, group, type, and user.

1) Character is to be used when only a single character is in the manipulation. For example, if a post have one manipulation of Bella and one of Rosalie, the correct character tags for the entry are character: bella swan and character: rosalie hale. By comparison, if a post have several manipulations of Bella and several of Edward/Bella. Since there is no individual manipulation of Edward, the correct character tag is only character: bella swan.

2) Pairing is to be used when 2-3 characters are in a manipulation together. This does not have to be a romantic relationship (for example, we have a tag pairing: bella/renesmee). If you have a manipulation of Edward/Bella, then the proper tag is pairing: edward/bella (you should not add character: bella swan and character: edward cullen, unless your post also include manips of them alone).

3) Group like group: the cullens is to be used for a manipulation that include most of the Cullen family/siblings, which means 4 or more characters. This is much easier and simplier than writing out the name of each character or to create more pairing tags. Same thing for group: the pack, group: the volturi.

4) Type is to be used to express what type of art is in the post. Every post should include either type: manipulation or type: movie poster, since that's what this community is about. If you have made icons, wallpapers, etc. with your manipulation you may add those tags (e.g. type: wallpaper). If you have made icons for a different fandom or have made wallpapers out of different Twilight pictures, you may type a mention in your post, but please do not tag your entry with those types of graphics you did not make from the manipulation.

5) User tags should be very easy, but people often forget it. Please type user: yourusername so that if someone is a fan of your art, they can easily access your previous posts. If you are a new member, you will not be able to add a new tag for yourself, the Mainainers will have to do it. It would help us if you could write a note at the end of your post, saying something like "Hi, new poster here" or even "I need a user tag please" but we won't be upset if you forget that part.

The only other tag that members should use is the !introduction tag. If you are a new member and are filling out the new member form provided in the profile page, please add the tag !introduction to your post.

If you have any questions about this tagging system or need something clarified, please feel free to comment here and I will do my best to explain and then update this post.
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