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A community exclusively for Twilight graphic manipulations and movie posters
about twilight manipulations
Twilight Manipulations is a community for posting manipulations and movie posters, not graphics. HERE is an example of a manipulation (no text, no textures, no brushes) and HERE is an example of a graphic. So what exactly is a manipulation?

ma·nip·u·la·tion (n): A base photo manipulated with different faces, setting, etc. for making graphics. (This must be more than changing small things, like the color of the eyes and hair.)

rules to live and die by
  1. ONLY manipulations and movie posters, no graphics.  Movie poster graphics that include manipulations of Twilight characters are allowed to use text/brushes - HERE is an example.

  2. ONLY Twilight series manipulations.

  3. No thieves or copycats!

  4. You MUST provide a link or fake cut to the manipulation(s) if not under a cut. All large images (over 400 pixels wide) must be under a cut.

  5. TAG YOUR ENTRIES using the format given HERE. This is very important to keep the community organized.  Thank you!

  6. Please do not post more than 2-3 times a day. If you keep making manipulations during a day, wait and include all of them in one post when you're done.

  7. Do not link to locked entries. Everyone in the community should be able to view your work without joining your personal or graphics journal.

  8. No flaming - constructive criticism is almost always welcome, but please do not be mean.

  9. Please only post a thumbnail(s) of your original manipulation(s) outside of a cut.  Any other graphics created from the manip (such as icons, wallpapers, banners, etc.) may be posted to the community but need to be placed under an lj-cut.

  10. No advertising/promoting a community (related with the Twilight Books/Movies/Actors) here without first getting permission.  Ask HERE.  And please tag your post with !promotion. If you do not get permission your post will be deleted.

  11. For questions or requests of manipulations, please put any image(s) under a cut and tag your post with !question/request.

  12. If you're a new member, you may introduce yourself (with or without manips) and tag your post with !introduction. Use the following form:

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